Meditation Therapy in Ruthin


Meditation Therapy – Your Natural Anti-Depressant.


Meditation has shown to effectively give you the necessary coping skills to deal with anxiety, stress and difficult situations, making them much easier to deal with. We could say, “Meditation Is Your Natural Anti-Depressant”.

During your Meditation Therapy, you’ll be taught a series of techniques creating complete peace and relaxation within yourself.

With practice, these techniques can become part of your everyday life, allowing you to slow down, stay calm and achieve more.

They’ll heighten your consciousness to the present moment where you’ll become more aware of yourself and surroundings.

Being more aware of yourself, allows you to recognise triggers of discomfort in time for you to take control of them, before they control You.

Meditation Therapy sessions are on a one to one basis with Gaynor, your personal meditation counsellor. This ensures you receive the best instruction and support for your needs and circumstances. 

It’s recommended to start your meditative journey with six consecutive sessions with top up sessions when and if you need them.

Duration - 1hr.    £45


Gaynor says, “Meditation raises your awareness so you can appreciate the present moment, yourself and your surroundings. By recognising your triggers and learning how to manage them before they control you.”