Medical Qigong Therapy in Ruthin



Medical Qigong. 

Medical Qigong is a Chinese healing practice, dating back 5000 years. It is one of the four branches of Chinese Medicine. After many studies and much research, Qigong is recognised in China as an important and significant medical practice.

Essentially, it’s the understanding of Qi – vital life force energy – the electro-magnetic energy of your body, the food you eat and the environment you live in…

Qigong is a healing modality to reconcile you with nature, the universe and humankind.

As well as a self-healing system it’s also an effective practice to treat others. It works using three principals:

Regulation of the posture of relaxation.

Regulation of breathing.

Regulation of mind.

Qigong helps to improve and strengthen your body by revitalising your organs, tissues, bones and muscles. In turn, this benefits your immune system, mobility and helps to alleviate stress, anxiety, aches, pains and stiffness. Giving you a much brighter view on life.

Your Treatment:

Gaynor, your therapist, will take you through a full consultation of your medical history and listen to any problems you’re experiencing.

The first part of your treatment starts with energy healing. Gaynor will manipulate and stimulate the electro-magnetic energy of your body (Qi) whilst releasing blockages (stagnant energy), allowing your energy to flow freely.

Next, you’ll be supported through a meditation, visualisation and controlled breathing exercises.

During your time with Gaynor, she will guide you on a series of movement exercises combined with breathing techniques, specifically chosen for your needs and capabilities.

Finally, she’ll offer you advice and recommendations towards beneficial lifestyle changes which will assist you to improve your health and enhance your well-being.