Reflexology and Maternity Reflexology In Ruthin


Reflexology:  1hr. £35                           Mini Taster Session:  20 mins.  £18

Maternity Reflexology: 1hr. £40          30 mins.  £25   (please see  below for further info on Maternity Reflexology).

Reflexology is a holistic technique of massage and applied pressure to specific zones on your feet. Evidence has shown, this method has been derived from ancient healing practices used throughout Egypt and China in 4,000BC.

If we knew a little more about our feet, I’m sure we’d take better care of them.

Your feet are a mirror image of your body. They are sensory organs with thousands of nerve endings, each representing a specific part of your body. We refer to these points as zones.

Once these zones are stimulated with pressure your nerve endings act like receptors to your brain which in turn directs and triggers energy flow to the parts of your body in need. This allows them to relax and encourages self – healing.

Laura, your Reflexologist, has been trained to know which zones correspond to which parts of your body. 

Before your initial treatment she will conduct an in-depth consultation, will explain what Reflexology is, how it works and how you'll benefit. During your treatment, Laura will cover the whole of your foot then will concentrate on the areas where she has detected imbalance.

Signs of imbalance can be recognised visually and via gentle pressure. Some of these pointers include: marks, hardened skin, skin discolouration, temperature and odour. Through touch, Laura will be able to feel a build - up of uric acid, indicating where imbalance is occurring – this varies from little pops, gritty, like granulated sugar to lumps of varying sizes. These areas can feel tender but Laura will know where these areas are and how much pressure to apply without causing discomfort.

Regular Reflexology will encourage complete relaxation, promoting energy to where it's needed, expelling toxins and re-balancing your body. Even if you don’t always have time for a full treatment those mini treats will help to keep your body topped up and in-balance.

Reflexology has shown to help:


General Health Maintenance


Increases Energy Levels

Pain Management   i.e. arthritis


Stimulates Nervous System


Maternity Reflexology.

Maternity Reflexology 1hr. £40    30 mins. £25

Reflexology, right from the start of pregnancy is a heavenly, relaxing treatment, encouraging restful sleep.

Reflexology is becoming a more sought after treatment during pregnancy. It will help you to manage morning sickness, swollen ankles and feet, back and hip pain, fatigue and anxieties.

Towards the end of your pregnancy, it’s recommend to have weekly treatments. This supports you with any discomfort, maintain normal blood pressure, bowel function, relieving constipation and prepares you for birth.

Please pay cash to your therapist directly.

Here's What Some Of Laura's Clients Have To Say:

Thank you very much Laura for my first Reflexology session with you yesterday afternoon. I felt so relaxed during the treatment and Laura was so professional and informative in her approach. I can totally recommend anyone to see Laura and am looking forward to my next appointment in a months' time. Thank you again Laura.

Had reflexology today with Laura and already feeling much better for it. Highly recommend and definitely going to become a regular

Had a wonderful reflexology session with Laura today....left feeling so relaxed xx will definitely return for further sessions xx