McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release in Ruthin



Create Positive Changes With Scar Tissue Release Therapy

Scar tissue can be a great indicator of your pain, immobility and sometimes deep rooted emotional distress.

What Can It Help?

Scarring, from surgery such as  Caesarean Section, Hysterectomies, Appendectomies,  Knee and Hip Replacements,  Reconstruction,  Spinal Surgery  and  Traumatic Scars  from accidents.

How Will It Help Me?

Reduces pain.

Increases sensitivity through affecting nerve pathways, easing nerve pain.

Increases blood flow to your scar, changing the colour to blend in with the surrounding tissue, making it less noticeable. 

Encourages your circulation of fluid and lymph making your scar less indented and lumpy.

Stimulates your energy flow to the whole of your body by unblocking your meridians.

Help to release emotions.

What Symptoms Can Scars Cause?



Referred pain in other areas. 

Restriction of movement, possibly in other areas not obviously seen to be connected to your scar site. 

Burning. Itching. Tickling. 


Muscle atrophy. 

Feelings of being disconnected.

Scar tissue continues to grow internally in all directions. It can attach itself to your fascia, organs, muscles and tendons. This can result in shortening of muscles and soft tissue leading to many problems, not necessarily at the scar site.

The fascia plays an important role. It’s a band of soft tissue that separates and protects your muscles and organs from abrasion during movement. Impeded this can cause pain, inflammation and immobility, putting your body completely out of balance.

Alastair McLoughlin, developer of the McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Technique had this to say, 

“One of the most outstanding features of this work is that results obtained with this method are reliable and long-lasting. Whenever you normalise scar tissue it does NOT revert back to its former state.

This is because I believe we are fundamentally changing the arrangement of collagen filaments in the dermis and epidermis.”

Your first treatment will consist of a full, personal consultation, body assessment and scar work.

Duration: 45 -60 minutes £50

Further Appointments: Assessment of your progress, any questions you may have and scar work.

Duration: 30 – 45 minutes £40 

Please pay cash to your therapist directly.