Indian Head Massage In Ruthin


What Is Indian Head Massage?

Indian Head Massage is a deeply, relaxing treatment. It was derived from The Indian Ayurvedic Healing System and has been in existence for over a thousand years.

How Does It Work?

Indian Head Massage releases increased tension built up in your tissues, joints and muscles in your head, neck and shoulders. It helps to restore your body's energies and promotes feelings of complete calm and well-being.

It's a massage with a combination of movements - stroking, kneading and compression. These techniques are applied to your head, neck, shoulders and upper arms during which your face is gently stimulated with light pressure and stroking.

What Are The Benefits? 

Indian Head Massage can help to reduce tension and increase flexibility in your neck and shoulders - perfect if you sit at a desk for long periods of time. 

It stimulates circulation and increases flow of your lymphatics, helping to eliminate toxins.

Some Clients Have Found Indian Head Massage To Help:

Relieve Stress and Anxiety





Deeply Relaxing


Improves Concentration

Duration:    30 mins.  -    £25