Sonia Rudak - Reiki Master

Your experienced Reiki Master and Indian Head Massage Therapist.


During an emotional time in her 20’s, Sonia began having Reiki treatments. 

Sonia’s first treatment was in the ancient city of Besancon, France. At the time her boyfriend’s Mum was a Reiki healer. After monthly sessions for 6 months, Sonia experienced such profound effects - it improved her confidence and belief in herself, enabling her to move on positively.

Reiki had been such a decisive factor in her life, Sonia decided she wanted to share these benefits with others. 

In 2005 she gained the first and second degree Reiki. During 2006 she continued with the third degree and then finally qualified as a Reiki Master.

The last few years she’s only practiced on family and friends due to work and home commitments. Towards the end of 2018 Sonia felt it was the right time to begin focusing on her Reiki again and using the Universal Energy to help others.

We’re very happy to welcome Sonia to our family of therapists at The Lifestyle Spa, Ruthin. Sonia is available for appointments on Thursdays and Saturday afternoons.